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the beginning, Book One

Whisper, tucked inside alluring black leathers and a custom black helmet, straddles her brand new 803 CC Ducati Scrambler—clocking 100 mph down a snow-slick road. She's hell-bent on finding her biological father who might hold the key to her controlling her newly acquired, time-altering powers.

For anybody else, the patch of black ice and oncoming big rig is a fatal accident—not Whisper. With the Ducati demolished and a broken ankle, she limps from the wreckage to the nearest town, Sparrow, Colorado, a place full of incredibly helpful people—too helpful. Enter Nick Valentine, seductive bad boy with his own plans for Whisper. She can't resist him or her demons in the form of a bottle of tequila.

A single drunken night changes her life forever.

Will she navigate her way out of town and continue her desperate search to find her biological father or will the consequences of her actions force her to risk everything leaving Nick holding the bag.

Superhero or super crazy. Whisper, the beginning: Book One, a suspenseful romance that pushes the limits of super-human abilities and the power of love.

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