Author Roni Teson


The Weaver in Umbria

In 2018, I spent six full days in Italy, experiencing unbelievable landscapes, rainbows, shopping, and wine. Perugia, Umbria, Assisi, Cortana, places I'd never heard of but had seen in movies like Under the Tuscany Sun and on CNN during darker times for Amanda Knox....

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The Rambler

The faded pink Ramble might have been built in 1958, but my young friends and I reaped the benefits of that old jalopy in the 70s. With Audrey at the wheel, the neighborhood kids, ages five to ten, often piled inside, sometimes squeezing twelve little bodies in every...

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Lights Off

The boxy Dodge Colt I permanently borrowed from Dad had decided to stall, often. Stop at a red light or press the brakes—stall. “Alternator,” Dad mumbled into the phone. “Or spark plugs. Bring it by. I’ll take a look.” At twenty years old, I needed wheels for college...

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The Incident

Roni works from home when she’s not traveling. It’s a lifestyle that allows for freedom but entails longer work hours. But she’ll deny that. Even when she’s not actively on a call or getting ready for a meeting, the wheels in her brain are churning, usually about...

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Awestruck: Italy

Amazing. Ever feel like you've journeyed onto a movie set and can't believe your eyes? Next time I travel to a place with so much beauty I need to bring a thesaurus. I can't even count how many times I used the word "AMAZING." Talk about living in the matrix. None of...

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Parallel Lives

It could be possible . . . Another you, living and existing in a parallel live. Perhaps your doppelganger took a right turn where you took a left. Maybe she has similar people in her life with a few minor differences, an extra child, a different husband, a law degree...

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Magical Nap

Ever have a day when everything seems to go the wrong way? When your computer has a mind of its own. Passwords don’t work. You spill your coffee, step in doggy do, your hair has grown wings, and the seemingly downward spiral started with burnt toast. No matter how...

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Junga, the Natural Way

I climbed a mountain in my dream one night. I spent the next day with this amazing image filtering through my daily list of deliverables. I close my eyes now and feel the cool breeze on my cheeks. This was a long road to travel for a game of Junga with Mother Nature....

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