Author Roni Teson


Ten Thousand Nine Hundred & 50-Days

I've been alive for over 20,000 days. I'm not much of a numbers person, but if I calculate the remainder of my life, I estimate I have a little more than half of that time left. That puts a spin of urgency on my long list of things I hope to do before I leave, and a...

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Impossibly Eerie

I chill out with creative art. This is a form of relaxation for me. I'm currently working on a blueprint of my life. My belief (right now) is that we live in a matrix-type world full of particles that appear to be our solid bodies and everything around us. Perhaps I...

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Mission to Kenya

Last year, I traveled to Kenya. I wiggled my way into a medical mission at I know the resident missionaries, and I suppose I know a little bit about having a thyroid removed—therefore, in my mind I had some qualifications. It just so happened the week...

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Never a Straight Path

Some of the best failures have turned into epic successes. Abraham Lincoln failed in several Senate races, a job, a business, a run for Vice President and eventually, well . . . he became the most famous president in the history of the United States.

Penicillin was discovered in error when Alexander Fleming left dirty Petri dishes in his workstation. What about Post-it Notes?! I love these tiny messy paper pieces. Spencer Silver was trying to develop a super strong adhesive. Instead, he did the opposite and I’m sure that 3M is grateful.

Colonel Sanders started his venture at 68, after hearing “NO” 1,000 times when he attempted to sell his chicken recipe. He kept going and finally found investors. Seven years later…

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