Author Roni Teson


The Incident

Roni works from home when she’s not traveling. It’s a lifestyle that allows for freedom but entails longer work hours. But she’ll deny that. Even when she’s not actively on a call or getting ready for a meeting, the wheels in her brain are churning, usually about...

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Parallel Lives

It could be possible . . . Another you, living and existing in a parallel live. Perhaps your doppelganger took a right turn where you took a left. Maybe she has similar people in her life with a few minor differences, an extra child, a different husband, a law degree...

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Ten Thousand Nine Hundred & 50-Days

I've been alive for over 20,000 days. I'm not much of a numbers person, but if I calculate the remainder of my life, I estimate I have a little more than half of that time left. That puts a spin of urgency on my long list of things I hope to do before I leave, and a...

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Impossibly Eerie

I chill out with creative art. This is a form of relaxation for me. I'm currently working on a blueprint of my life. My belief (right now) is that we live in a matrix-type world full of particles that appear to be our solid bodies and everything around us. Perhaps I...

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