Author Roni Teson
Heaven and Hell

heaven or hell

Following years of living in an alcoholic fog, Joe becomes an upstanding member of society—but only after he experiences a trip through Hell itself. Teresa creates her own Hell in current day Los Angeles where she struggles with her past while trying to raise her teenage son. “Am I in Heaven or Hell,” Angel wonders, as she floats restlessly from cloud to cloud, finding herself in constant pursuit of an earthly Teresa and not knowing why.

Heaven or Hell is a story of tragedy, loss, and a triumphant life-changing resurrection when the lives of Joe, Teresa, and Angel collide in this world and beyond.

A fascinating take on the afterlife we all will face.
—G. Miki Hayden, Edgar®-winning author

Excellent handling of a dysfunctional family actually coming full circle…
—Victoria Christopher-Murray, author of Truth Be Told, Sinners & Saints, and others

Roni Teson is a gifted storyteller who brings to life a hardened alcoholic with the same grace and honesty she applies in writing about an angel.
—Karen Coccioli, author of The Yellow Braid