Author Roni Teson

I’m so Lucky

Nov 2, 2021 | Unbelievable

Eight years have passed since

I accomplished my dream of living

in the front row at the beach.

My brother told me he’d rather

have some distance from the ocean

over fear of a tidal wave.

“I want a good head start,” he said.


That fear transferred to me for a second.

“A Tsunami? With Catalina blocking the way…”


I promised myself a treat, a full year of waking

to crashing waves, ocean air, and daily sunsets.

My windows frame the Pacific Ocean.

Schools of dolphins and diving birds are common practice,

and it never gets old.


I’m still here, literally.

Why did it take a brutal fight with cancer

to finally treat myself?

I’m not going anywhere for a while.

Ten-plus years in remission and

eight years in the front row.

I’m so lucky.