Author Roni Teson

Impossibly Eerie

Aug 6, 2018 | Unbelievable

The Man in the Moon

I chill out with creative art. This is a form of relaxation for me. I’m currently working on a blueprint of my life. My belief (right now) is that we live in a matrix-type world full of particles that appear to be our solid bodies and everything around us. Perhaps I took the blue pill because life (for me) has been one ‘helluva’ ride.

On my most recent art project, I attempted to add a mandala (a circle that is a graphic symbol of the universe). I used a ‘souffle’ pen and when the white circle began to dry the image of a man appeared, which I captured in this picture.




One part eerie, one part cool, and one part unbelievable. A few minutes later, when I checked, the man in the mandala was gone.

Disappearing Man in the Moon


The entire project is a work in progress that I hang on my wall. When I am inspired, I add more to the crazy design that looks more like a moment from the 60s than a blueprint for life. Now, I cannot find it in my heart to cover up the moon with a mandala design. I suppose (for now) it’s meant to be a moon.

Unfinished BluePrint