Author Roni Teson

The Rambler

May 16, 2023 | Remembrances

The faded pink Ramble might have been built in 1958, but my young friends and I reaped the benefits of that old jalopy in the 70s. With Audrey at the wheel, the neighborhood kids, ages five to ten, often piled inside, sometimes squeezing twelve little bodies in every nook and cranny we could find. Off we’d go to Sav-Ons candy counter. “Hang on!” Audrey yelled with her sweeping wide turns. Everybody whaled with laughter. “Duck!”

More screams as a black and white police car approached. Audrey babysat many of the kids on the block, as a divorcee it helped her keep food on the table. Her daughter, Debby was my best friend.

Beach trips usually included about seven of us kids, and Audrey.

We lived in Lakewood, a suburb of Los Angeles County, on Bixler Avenue, a street canopied by trees and the best playground any child could have the benefit of playing in.

A trip to the beach was a treat in the Rambler.

The good old days.