Author Roni Teson

Parallel Lives

Sep 17, 2018 | Unbelievable

It could be possible . . . Another you, living and existing in a parallel live. Perhaps your doppelganger took a right turn where you took a left. Maybe she has similar people in her life with a few minor differences, an extra child, a different husband, a law degree . . . Ever wake up and wonder why some things seem slightly different and you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Parallel Lives


It might even feel like the earth shifted on its axis because everything is slightly off. Could it be a parallel life that you slipped into? Could you make that move and not even know it? Since we are living in a matrix, (we are energy) and this is proven through the study of quanum physics, why can’t we also take the leap that time is an illusion? Time is a human invention. Life appears to flow forward on a timeline, but does that mean that everything in the entire universe is linear? Where would you want your next life to start if you could choose? 1955, 1978, 2088, 1920. Just a little mind fuel. Think about it.

Neo’s blue pill